Our community is seasoned in mixing Design Thinking, Service Design and Lean Startup. Every certified sprint master carries extensive theoretical and practical experience in executing Design Sprints using both, the Google Ventures model and the MVS model. The later is a Service Design based approach to Design Sprints explained below.

The MVS Model is being used around the globe since 2013 to accelerate service businesses spanning many industries.


A human-centered research round that will shed light on user behaviors and reveal the service ecosystem. Your team will draft the consumer journey, discover trends, study the competition landscape, and more.


The sprint ideation round. Here your team, customers, and the sprint designers will cocreate ideas that address opportunities, fix problems, and improve the service's overall perceived quality.


Playground prototypes are co-participative experimentation sessions. Here we will be able to go beyond testing, allowing room for the customer to adjust and redesign.

Polish off

Refinement round and the build backlog. The build backlog is a list of all strategic actions prioritized based on business constraints, brand alignment, and user impact.

“The sprint made possible the establishment of new customer service policies and quality assurance metrics that will allow us to create a better and stronger brand experience aligned with the local market.” 
- CEO :: Sbarro Pizza
“The results were incredibly relevant. We believe we can start immediately implementing them and the whole process showed us that we can recover the magic from the past.”
- Maurício Freire :: CEO Vanilla Caffè
“Service design sprints are a new way to apply design thinking to businesses and the process is well adapted to be used by startups. Loved it!”

- Luisa Ribeiro :: Founder GEMA Accelerator

Retail, franchisees, Startups and even Large enterprises are using the MVS Model because of its service-driven mindset

The theory and concepts that went into building the MVS Model you can find in the book "The Service Startup :: Design Thinking gets lean", by Tenny Pinheiro.

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